5 reasons why you say you won’t vote but you should


1. I Don’t Have Time
Voting takes no time at all. Come to class early, stay late or cut down on your Netflix time by 10 minutes. 10 minutes doesn’t really seem like much when you look at all the positive change you can influence.

2. I Don’t Care
Really? You don’t want a pub on campus? You don’t want to be able to actually get a boardroom during exams? Voice your opinion! You have the opportunity to have your voice heard which frankly is a chance very few will ever get. So use it.

3. My Vote Won’t Count
Oh, it will! We need a minimum of 1000 votes so we promise that every single solitary vote will make a HUGE difference.

4. Registration Is Too Hard
No registration required! Simply bring you beautiful face as well as your Student ID to prove you actually attend here and you are all set!

5. I Graduate Before the Building Opens
Many of us will but that shouldn’t stop you from voting! Imagine how different your college experience could have been with this amazing part of the college open for your use when you arrived!