school chaplain
located on the second floor in the student association


Meet our Chaplain

Kathy Doering has a counseling background and is a Pastor at Living Waters Anglican Fellowship and a Campus Minister at Geneva House.  You may have seen her loitering the halls and tables of SLC over the last year as she has been meeting with students and running small groups both here and at Queen’s for a few years. SLC is in Kathy’s blood; her father worked here for his whole career. Say hello if you bump into Kathy in the SLC gym or hallways!    Kathy looks forward to connecting with you, and will happily buy coffee for students wanting to chat about anything at all.  

What is the Chaplain?

The Chaplaincy at St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus, is available to all students and staff, regardless of denomination, faith tradition or spiritual conviction. The chaplaincy exists as a spiritual resource and source of encouragement and serves as an additional support for students and staff. The chaplain offers an opportunity for non-judgmental, confidential conversation, pastoral care and spiritual direction on any matters of concern, whether they are personal, practical or spiritual; sometimes just having someone to talk to helps.

Want to get involved?

If a student is seeking a place of worship, contact with or counsel from a specific faith group, the chaplain can provide assistance and information on all local faith communities and resources. You are invited to take part this year in furthering the building-up of one another by being a part of activities taking place on and off campus, sponsored by your faith community.


Kathy Doering
613-544-5400 ext 5122

The Office of the Chaplain is located on the 2nd floor in the Student Association.