rent your locker now!


Lockers are now available to be rented here in the Student Association. Here is all the info you need on renting your locker:

-There are 1700 lockers on campus that are available for renting all year around from the Student Association (SA). Different locker types include, full lockers and half lockers. When renting a locker you can request a specific area that will best accommodate your schedule. Some programs will already have specific areas blocked off for them that will be most convenient for their supplies and classroom areas.

Locker prices are the following:

September – April     $35.00 + $10.00 deposit fee

September – December   or   January – April      $25.00 + $10.00 deposit fee

Summer – May, June, July, August     $5 per month + $10 deposit fee

Personal locks are not permitted on the lockers. A lock and combination is provided for you when you purchase a locker.

If you have any questions regarding lockers please stop by the Student Association located on the second floor of the college or contact the SA by email at, or by phone at 613-544-5400 x 1502.